Internet Privacy and Tails Operating System

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Internet Privacy has become nothing short of a luxury in today’s world. It is almost comical how we search for a product on google or talk about it on any social media platform and are flooded with advertisements for the same the very next day. In this era of uncertainty a Operating System called Tails designed to tackle this has been brought to us by the open source community.

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Tails is a portable operating system thus can be carried around in a simple memory stick, allowing us to secure our privacy even on an unfamiliar machine.

  1. Avoids surveillance And Viruses
  2. Secure Computer
  3. Leaves no Trace
  4. Encrypt Persistent Storage
  5. Digital Security Toolbox
  6. Avoid Tracking and Change your Identity.

All you need to do in order to use Tails is plugin the memory stick and restart the system. It always starts from a clean state and clears when you shut it down leaving no trace on the computer. In other machines data like the websites you visited, files you opened and many others are stored. Even if you wish to store some data on the operating system, it will be stored in an encrypted format.

  1. Tor Browser: A browser specially designed to secure your browsing experience complete with Ad-Blocker.
  2. Thunderbird with Enigmail to encrypt emails.
  3. KeePassWC to manage your passwords.
  4. OnionShare to share files.

Tor adds an extra layer of protection between you and the internet. Consisting of 3 relays of individuals or organizations around the world, the data further is encrypted to secure you. The following is a quote from the website of Tails itself.

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A single relay never knows both where the encrypted connection is coming from and where it is going to:

1. The 1st relay only knows where you are coming from but not where you are going to.

2. This 3rd relay only knows where you are going to but not where you are coming from.

3. The connection to the final destination is encrypted whenever possible to prevent the 3rd relay from reading its content.

  1. Tails is a 1.2 GB download
  2. Takes half an hour to install.
  3. Can be installed on any memory stick(minimum 8 GB).
  4. Works on most computers.

Note from the website

You don’t have to worry about the computer having viruses because Tails runs independently from the other operating system and never uses the hard disk. But, Tails cannot always protect you if you install it from a computer with viruses or if you use it on a computer with malicious hardware, like keyloggers.

How To Download

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Installation Steps

Step 1. Go To Tails Download Page and Choose your host OS.

Step 2. Install the appropriate disk image.

Step 3. Configure

Checkout the Documentation for More Information

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