Will Website Builder Replace Web Developers

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I was recently asked to build a website for a client on Wix and as a Web Developer I have scoffed at the idea of website builders as I believed that a drag and drop functionality was a far cry to the coding work that goes into building a website. I was sure that a drag and drop functionality no matter how user friendly won’t be able hold its own on the different sizes of the screens that people now hold. I was of course surprised to find the great world of website builders. They are truly a masterpiece of development combining their ease of development with easy and quick hosting solutions makes them force to be reckoned with.

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This begs the question that as great work as a web builder does will it ever be able to completely replace web developers. The short answer to that will be “Absolutely Not” and the long answer will be “It is complicated”. No matter how great a product a developer creates it is bound to have an issue in the future and would require a Developer to fix up so that tones down the question a lot. Website Builders can drive younger, less experienced web developers from the market as the services they offer can very easily be reproduced on the builder. I myself was often employed into small projects which could have been very easily accomplished by web builders. Web builders with their plugins for image sliders to e-commerce stores ease the process of development for small businesses but are doomed to hit road blocks as they grow at which point they would be forced to re-locate to a custom built website if and when they grow large enough. The reason behind this an inherent short coming of any system.

The more you make the system user friendly, the less secure the system gets.

Any person in the field of development regardless of the discipline must have heard or read the above line. I will like to add and change this quote a little to express the following idea.

The more you make the system user friendly, the less secure the system gets. And more the control you allow the users to have over the system at some point becomes an issue in the user friendliness of the system.

Web Builders like Wix and Wordpress suffer from the same limitations and cannot provide its users with the customization and security without taking away the application’s user friendliness and security. Thus the company is in a perpetual struggle of dialing up and down one or more of these attributes, to best please their customers.

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Easy to use.

Can be used with little to no experience.

The job of maintenance of server and backend is carried out by the company.

Comes with a suite of services like hosting.

Limited Customization.

Subjected to the whims and wisdom of company, which may or may not suit the user.

Many of the plugins available on the website builders like Wix and Wordpress are also available for the custom websites and can be added into your website.

Builders takes away most of the small scale job which developers used to perform.

It provides us with a new tool for development.

It helps new developers to ease their way into the world of development.

It sets the bar a little higher for developers.

Web Builders are perfect to build static websites with little management processing like the simple CRUD operations(create, read, update and delete), mailing etc. So a developers can use it build Portfolios, Blogs, Site Pages etc. However if you wish for some extra customization and control like in the Management Applications or E-Commerce website.

Strongly believes that technology is in its adolescence phase right now and we all soon will be witnessing some big changes in almost every field of Technology

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